You may be wondering about the name of my website. MiniTru is a reference to the dystopian novel 1984 by George Orwell. In this book, the Ministry of Truth (or “minitru” for short) is one of four government branches in the fictional nation of Oceania. Said ministry deals in information and propaganda, and is where Winston Smith, the main character of 1984 works. Contrary to the bleak purpose of the Ministry of Truth, I believe it is the job of those of us who work in communications to spread true information and knowledge. In cases such as communication by means of Twitter, that information may need to be succinct – but the truth must still be present, regardless of how few characters are available to communicate with.

Outside of my passion for communication – especially the fields of social media and crisis communication – I am an avid reader, and consumer of pop culture – especially of the dystopian variety.


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