Mikkel Zangenberg

MA International Business Communication / Multicultural Communication in Organizations

A few things I’m great at

My academic background and personal interest in the written word intersect and overlap in several ways, and give me a unique insight into communications with and about video games and other pop culture phenomena.


Years of acadamia while also working as a video games journalist with Eurogamer Denmark and IGN Denmark / Nordic means I am more than comfortable delivering high-quality written content with short deadlines.


I have an eye for finding the cool and unusual in terms of images, and my knowledge of both Adobe Photoshop and various phone-based image manipulation apps means I can deliver something unique for your project.


Whether it be in regards to working with people or focusing communication and distribution of knowledge, I have knowledge of and respect for cultural differences and similarities.


Finding the best solution for both sender and receiver in communication can often come down to problem solving abilities, which I possess in a considerable amount.